CLINTON COUNTY — All charges have been dismissed in the nearly five-year-old case against a 24-year-old Beckemeyer man charged with sexual assault.

Andrew Lewis was arrested in 2017 on three Class 1 felony counts of sexual assault for an alleged incident in May of that year involving graduating high school seniors in Germantown.

Three judges in the circuit recused themselves from the case as the defendant’s mother is local attorney Janice Pulver who has twice run unsuccessfully for Clinton County State’s Attorney.

Lewis remained free on bond since shortly after his arrest but in January 2019 there was no action on the case – no judge appointed and no hearings scheduled until Defense Attorney Tim Huyett filed a motion in June 2021 for the release of his client’s bail.

Huyett then followed that motion with two seeking to have the charges dismissed based upon violations of Lewis’ right to a speedy trial.

The case again plodded along through almost another year and a half of hearings, motions and continuations with the defense last week filing a third motion to dismiss the charges.

Judge Christopher Mattousch took the motion under advisement and on Monday dismissed all charges in the case and ordered Lewis’ cash bond returned to him.